Medical Vacuum Assist Delivery Cup

During vacuum-assisted vaginal delivery, doctors use a vacuum device to help guide a baby out of the birth canal.

The vacuum device, known as a vacuum extractor, uses a soft cup that attaches to the baby’s head with suction. The suction cup is used to gently pull the baby out of the birth canal.

The vacuum generating device may be either a manual pump, or an electrical pump. In this instance, the device is an electrical vacuum pump with gauges and controls built in.

The manufacturer of the vacuum pump turned to Axcesor to provide the vacuum cup and connecting tube assembly.

The sub assembly is made up of several components:


  • Handle
  • Cupmedical vacuum assisted delivery with suction pump
  • Shipping ring


  • Plastic exterior enclosure
  • Die-cut foam insert


  • Main flexible tube
  • Secondary connector tube
  • Coupling

All the injection molded parts of the assembly including the handle and cup, and the filter enclosure are produced in house. The die-cut foam insert for the filter is outsourced, while the tubing and the coupling are standard items that are purchased and ready to use.

Providing complete contract manufacturing and assembly services brings great benefits to medical equipment manufacturers. For low and medium unit volume products, using contact assembly services allows the manufacturer to focus resources on development and promotion of core, proprietary technology they have developed.

Axcesor has the ability to produce or source all the necessary components that go into a subassembly. Leaving production of peripheral assemblies to contract manufacturing and assembly partners like Axcesor, cost effectively frees up internal resources and personnel improving efficiency and capital use.

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