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Contract Manufacturing Assembly For Automotive Detailing Equipment Company

The automotive detailing business is recognized as a very demanding environment in many respects. Operators must deal with a workforce that is constantly turning over, the detailing equipment must operate in high humidity or splash down environments, and is frequently poorly treated. Frequent on/off cycling, poor electrical supply systems and frequent electrical spikes are all part of a day’s operations for automotive cleaning or steam extractor equipment.

The design, manufacturing and assembly challenges proved to be significant enough that Axcesor’s client turned to contract manufacturing as a solution in order to get consistent quality, manageable costs, and the ability to focus the efforts of a limited staff on sales, marketing, and the development of a solid distribution network.

An agreement was struck to delegate the entire component contract manufacturing and assembly to Axcesor, which has taken on a project management role, outsourcing components to a local network of suppliers that complement in-house manufacturing abilities, and completing the assembly process in-house.

Along the way, Axcesor engineering completely redesigned the wire harness system reducing wire usage by over 60ft, improved reliability with a rigorous quality control and testing program, delivering a cost effective product with lower warrant claims ratio.

In an ever evolving economy that requires each part of a corporate activity to deliver identifiable and measurable value add to the process, outsourcing manufacturing to and experienced supplier can make a lot of sense for low to medium volume product lines. Axcesor has proven this formula to be both a practical and advantageous approach to producing quality products.


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