Here is a list of some of the equipment Axcesor has on site to complete a wide range of contract manufacturing services.

Machinery & Equipment

Injection Molding
  • Horizontal Molding JSW J180AD-180H (200 Ton, to 10.7 cu in shot size)
  • Horizontal Molding, Arburg™ ALLROUNDER 370A (66 Ton, 5 cu in shot size)
  • Vertical Rotary Molding, Lawton™ (30 Ton, to 4.5cu in shot size) (Two machines)
  • Vertical Rotary Molding Machine, IPC™ HS2V
  • Hot Melt Molding Machine, Moldman™ 8000
Cable Manufacture Equipment
  • Cable/Wire Cutter, Schleuniger™ OC3950
  • Wire/Cable Stripping Machine, Schleuniger™ UniStrip 2600 (2)
  • Automatic Cutting Machine, Carpenter™ 32-A
  • Electric Wire Stripper, Ideal Precision Rotary 45-211
  • Digital Crimping Machine, KM-802N
  • Crimping Applicators, LF-SM™ 1132A-14503
  • Ultraviolet Light Source, Dymax™ 400W-EC
Device Assembly
  • Tip Forming System, Beahm™ (2)
  • Flaring Heat Bench, Beahm™ (2)
  • Ultrasonic Welder, Dukane™ 2200
  • Thermoplastic Tubing Cutter, Eraser™AR 7131
  • Heat Staking Machine, Sonitek™ TS-101-1
Packaging & Fulfillment
  • Magnum Series in line Bagger, Clamco™ Magnum Force
  • Medical Tray Sealer, Belco™ BM EL 2020
  • Sealers, Rennco™ (2) LS18-D
  • Rollbag Printer, Clamco
  • Biologically Monitored Class 8
  • Routine Bio Burdens
  • Ethylene Oxide
  • Gamma

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Our Suppliers

Our suppliers are in 25 states and Taichung and Taipai, Taiwan, The Netherlands and Germany, Shaanxi and Guandong, China

Our Customers

Our customers are located in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Texas, Colorado, California, Connecticut, Florida, Rhode Island Germany, Sweden, Mexico, India and China


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